Excel Spreadsheet Consulting offers services to meet all your spreadsheet needs


Spreadsheet Services

  • Free consultations and design advice
    Helping you develop & use your own templates & spreadsheets
  • Maintenance Support for your existing templates & applications
    Cracking passwords and opening password-protected files when the password has been lost
    Modifying older spreadsheets to reflect your changing business needs
    Fixing broken formulas & spreadsheet errors when the original author has departed
  • New Application Development
    Bringing your business ideas to life quickly
    Providing a mockup & web demo within 24 hours so you can see what it looks like
  • Tweaks & enhancements to utilize advanced features
    UserForms & Dropdowns to streamline data entry
    Data Validation to reduce data entry errors
    Conditional Formatting to highlight problems & opportunities
    Charts & Graphs for visualizing results
    Filtering data with multiple criteria to temporarily find & view just the rows you want
    Pivot Tables for customized reporting
    Locking & Protection to enhance privacy & security so formulas aren’t corrupted


Programming Services

  • Custom Macros and Automation
    Increasing productivity & reducing errors by automating repetitive tasks
    Automating time-consuming interfaces with other applications
  • Ready-to-use templates for common applications
    Jumpstarting your next project


Data Services

  • Merge several spreadsheets into one
    Mapping columns of data into a different sequence
    Consolidating data into one location
    Gathering historical data into one spreadsheet for more meaningful reports
  • Import data files
    Quickly importing large data files from other applications & formats
    Extracting only the fields you need from each data record
    Re-formatting the fields if desired
  • Find & delete obsolete rows
    You tell us the criteria; we reduce the size of your spreadsheet
    Archive historical results by moving obsolete rows to another spreadsheet
  • Clerical help for manual data entry
    Extra help for large projects


Training Services

  • Training Classes
    Empower your staff to get more out of Excel in as little as 2 hours
    Web-based delivery means no travel required
    Customized content targets their specific needs
  • One-on-one Mentoring
    We help you work on your own spreadsheets
    Web conference technology allows us to see exactly what you are seeing
    Answering your questions in real time