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The Best Book for the Average Excel User

Under $5 for a 775-page book delivered to your door!  The key to getting such a great price is that the screen prints and step-by-step instructions for using Excel 2010 or Excel 2016 are basically the same as for Excel 2007!  So buying this used book from Amazon (or elsewhere) can save you $30 or more.


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Basic Concepts for Spreadsheets

Our local library offers free adult education computer classes as a public service.  The teachers donate their time.  When I teach my 5-session Intro to Excel class, the syllabus emphasizes several basic concepts that help newbies understand spreadsheet basics:

1)  There are many ways to do any Excel task (so relax if somebody shows you a different way).

2)  There is always a faster way (so defending one particular way as “the only way” can become embarrassing).

3)  In an effort to be helpful, Excel tries to anticipate what you are trying to do and then suggests a shortcut.  Without realizing it, new users often inadvertently accept Excel’s suggestion and find themselves frustrated because Excel seems to have a mind of its own, jumping ahead and doing something they did not intend...

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A hearty welcome to those visiting our new, revised website

As a service to our clients and students, we want to provide a blog especially useful to the everyday Excel user … those folks to whom Excel is just a tool to help them do the rest of their job.  Many Excel blogs are dedicated to advanced Excel topics like programming VBA macros and the internal quirks of the various Excel versions;  topics that are of interest almost exclusively to so-called power users and our subculture of Excel consultants...

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