About Us

Brief History

After an early career in engineering, programming, management and teaching, Paul Deaton joined IBM in 1989 as a system administrator. In 2010, he left IBM and launched this full-time spreadsheet consulting business based on his 20+ years of using numerous Excel spreadsheets in all phases of business, engineering and financial management. Growing up in a small Mayberry-like Ohio town, he developed the character qualities and people-oriented communication skills that have complemented his future technical expertise (PhD from MIT) and practical business experience. The growing client list (from Canada to Great Britain to the 2016 Rio Olympics to New Zealand) and subsequent follow-on projects are a testimony to outstanding customer satisfaction.


Our Core Values

Quick Response

Excel Spreadsheet Service responds immediately to all inquiries.  In as little as 5 minutes(!!) we can be looking over your shoulder at your computer screen, seeing exactly what you see.

Excel Spreadsheet Service delivers professional results quickly.  This is a full-time business regularly open 12 hours a day (9 am – 9 pm ET, special hours by appointment).  It is not a mere hobby or part-time gig in the evenings after finishing some other full-time job.

Quality Software

With a proven track record of designing and delivering quality software, you can expect your spreadsheet to work flawlessly.  We thoroughly check out our spreadsheets before they are delivered to ensure they meet your specifications.  And our results attest to outstanding quality control.

For your peace of mind, Excel Spreadsheet Service also includes a free bug-fix warranty on every spreadsheet.

Personal Service

All projects are personally managed by Paul Deaton, the Owner & Project Manager and based in a suburb of Lexington, KY.  He ensures that bug-free spreadsheets are delivered which meet or exceed your specifications and that they contain robust features that allow your business to work efficiently today and to evolve smoothly into the future.

We conduct a demonstration for you via a web conference to ensure you are delighted with the product.


Your data is secure with Excel Spreadsheet Service.  Whether it’s financial statements, customer lists, supplier costs, inventory levels, personnel data or medical records, your confidential and proprietary data is safe and secure from all other projects and non-essential personnel.


How often do you say to yourself …

  • “Why does it take so long to get out the monthly reports?”
  • “How come these totals aren’t the same?”
  • “I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get it.”
  • “I wish somebody would show me how to …”
  • “Who can we call to get some help?”
  • “It looked fine on the screen, but the printout is messed up.”
  • “There must be an easier way!”
  • “We need to combine this same data into a different spreadsheet.”

To get more done, don’t hire another full-time employee.
Empower your current staff by calling Excel Spreadsheet Service & Consulting for a short-term project.
You’ll get immediate, confidential, expert technical help & training.

Fixed-price quotes with satisfaction guaranteed.